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From The Mystery We Emerge...
To The Mystery We Are Called Back Home


We are each a unique embodiment of divine creative potential.
There is a force that carries us, breathes us, and beats within our hearts. 
It is our sacred task to return home to the hearth of our embodied longing so that it may break us open.
Following the winding path inwards, and down into our humanity. 
Through the layers of our own personal shadows...Blossoming consciousness into form, love into action, and potential into joyful play. 

The trick is to learn how to die while you are still alive, so that you may truly live...

The healing path is the journey of self realization, while savoring the sweet nectar that drips off of the liberation of your creative self expression.
Learning to stand in the center of life force that flows through you. 
Yet, like all worthy adventures...there will always be challenges, highs and lows, loves and losses.
This being Human thing isn't about sterilizing our experience into a nice little box.
That is the opposite of life!
Living life is about learning how to swim in the ocean of your crazy ass consciousness. 
Meeting yourself in infinite ways, and learning how to expand through the projection of your own reflection. 
And perhaps opening yourself so fully, that you become a flute that life can play through, creating a magical melody that permeates through the world. 
Like the aroma of flower that intoxicates the senses.
The aroma of life force intoxicating those you meet simply by BEing your Self. 



The Layers Are The Sacred Blossoming


The patterns you struggle with.
The pains you stuff down.
Those are your personal myths. 
They are not signs you are doing it wrong. 
They are threads of your forgotten truths
Dangling in your conscious awareness
Hoping you will finally follow them to the
Center of your most authentic opening 
Planted in the soil of your subconscious
By learning how to return to them
The light of your awareness offers them light
Like the Sun to the Earth


There are infinite ways to approach and play with this process.

And it does get to be play. 

In fact one of the most potent things we can do to transform the densest layers of consciousness that we will meet, is to learn how to meet them with play. 

Arriving with our opening hearts and playful spirits as the tools for discovering what lies beyond the mask of the inner "monsters" we will face. 

Play is potent magic here. 

It has the ability to gracefully dissolve and recreate. 

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Even the gnarly bits. 

When I work with clients, I like to ensure that we establish a solid foundation for self trust by learning how to navigate the emotional realms as YOU live them. 

This is where we learn how to regulate new realms of consciousness as they arise for integration and to stay grounded as they move through us. 

We don't need to force this process, it happens naturally in our day to day lives by the hand of higher wisdom. 

We only need to work with what arises, and notice the patterns that emerge through our experiences. 

My desire is to bring people back home to themselves. 

To remind them of their power so that they may rediscover and reclaim their own sense of self agency and Soul led direction. 

Kayla Skibba

I would 10-10 recommend Danae if you are wanting to dive into every area of healing. It comes from the depths of your soul. I have experienced tremendous healing in such a safe spot. I go go go sometimes, not even realizing how over worked I am. It's hard for me to relax. Once I walk in to have my session my body starts shaking from nerves that I didn't even realize I had. It does this because it knows it can relax and be 100% real and authentic with no judgement. I automatically relax. Then Ground. It's powerful, you receive guidance and energy healing. I chose to do this during one of the hardest times of in my life. I cant say enough how much Danae has helped me. I wouldn't want to have done this journey with anyone else."
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